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Are you experiencing issues with trespassing, criminal activity, vandalism, and criminal mischief? Are you looking for a professional security team to be a deterrent, provide great customer service, and be a presence on the property to ensure the feeling of safety? Alpha K9 Security offers a variety of patrol services for gated communities, retail shopping centres, businesses, schools, and more! We will work with you to develop a plan that works for you!
Have confidence and peace of mind knowing you have industry's best security professionals protecting your property, being a deterrent and delivering high-quality, detailed reports directly to you.
Mobile Patrol Services Provided:
• Checking exterior doors, windows, entrances, & automatic gates
• Checking on late night employees to ensure their safety.
• Checking for safety hazards in the property.
• Checking for vagrants & trespassers & removing them from the property.
• Deterrence of criminal activity.
• Identifying unauthorized vehicles in parking lots.
• Locking & unlocking doors and entry ways at designated times.
• Patrol Services may be combined with alarm response assistance for better protection.
• Walking the premises in conjunction with officer’s patrol duties.

Alphak9 security confidently delivers 15-minute average response times. We achieve this by operating our patrol units in 15 minute ‘focus zones’ allowing immediate and thorough security coverage of the properties and businesses we protect.

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Alpha k9 security equips our patrol officers with the latest wearable recording technology and patrol vehicles with on board CCTV devices. We utilize an electronic guard tour system as an extra means in providing a trusting, transparent and comprehensive security service that at the same time assures officers are patrolling sites as they should be. This system electronically records the time, date, patrol wand I.D and location of each specific point of patrol routes. Points are strategically positioned throughout the site and at entry and exit points making officer movements evident.

Since security officers should be concentrating on detecting, deterring, observing and reporting, placement of points and use of this system enhances patrol efficiency in complete property security and allows observation of any areas of potential threat including OH&S issues to be identified.

Installation of an electronic guard tour system helps establish a proper proportion between security costs and effective security. It also gives the client access to thorough nightly guard movement reports on a weekly basis.

All Alpha K9 Security patrol vehicles are GPS tracked which provides our clients with movement reports and assists in dispatching the closest patrol vehicle to an alarm activation or incident.

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We have found that using a guard tour system improves service quality and transparency, and is an invaluable and integral piece of patrol technology. Our Guard Reporting System helps us keep an eye on everything. GPS probes are placed at prime inspection points are scanned during patrols by officers, using rugged android devices. You’ll receive email updates, showing the time of the patrol and pictures, plus any other security concerns.




Alpha k9 mobile patrols are a patrol service with a difference. All patrol units have a certified security k9 on board as well as advanced first aid and patrol technology.

Many of our clients had been unhappy that their previous providers were constantly leaving them waiting for an hour or longer for a security response. They also felt vulnerable to a breach of their security occurring as their providers were merely providing drive in-drive out nightly patrols.

Alpha recognizes the importance of being able to respond as soon as a request is made and in providing extensive nightly patrols as staples in our security plans.

Alphak9 security confidently delivers 15-minute average response times. We achieve this by operating our patrol units in 15 minute ‘focus zones’ allowing immediate and thorough security coverage of the properties and businesses we protect.

Our patrol vehicles are vehicles with a presence. They are clearly marked and fitted with light bars, searchlights, onboard CCTV and off road capabilities. Our k9’s allow patrol officers to patrol in areas that are otherwise legally inaccessible and assist us in providing a highly visible security presence and premium patrol service.

Our k9 unit patrols also give us the capacity to perform search and rescue patrols that have given our clients families a greater peace of mind in knowing we have this capability.

Alpha’s k9 patrol units conduct full perimeter and site searches until they are satisfied the site is intruder free and security has not been breached. Our rapid response in combination with our k9 units allow us the ability to apprehend and detain offenders and also in providing a visual, psychological and physical deterrent.


Guard’s Performance and GPS Tracking Mobile Security

mobile4Alpha K9 Security is always looking to improve the performance of our security guards whether patrolling in vehicles or on the ground operations.
Alpha K9 Security sees the benefits of implementing patrol management technology and GPS systems

Guard Performance
The performance and tracking systems Alpha K9 Security unitizes are built to improve the performance of our security guards when on duty. Managers or supervisors can define tasks for the guards and their frequency. With our systems it is easy to create multiple site tours using the shift templates or rosters. This technology is a security management solution that can truly make a big difference in our security guard’s performance.

Client Satisfaction
Client’s satisfaction is improved. Our clients will be able to access reports online, allowing them to easily access important information on the go with our guard monitoring system. On time reports including guard movement reports can be made available to the clients, resulting in greater client satisfaction

Streamline Operations
Guard performance and GPS tracking technology allows Alpha K9 Security to streamline our security patrol operations by improving the flow of communication between on-site guards, our staff, and clients. Our guard GPS tracking system takes the hassle out of your security patrol operations by improving the way data is channelled throughout our company.

Address Accountability
Address the accountability of each one of our guards and staff members with our systems. Finding out which guard has checked in at which site, if the guard is performing the right tasks and conducting tours regularly, submitting reports on time and much more. Our system helps management establish accountability.

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