As result of constant hard work and dedication through the initial years in business, Alpha K9 has experienced a steady business expansion to a professional level within the cleaning industry, this fantastic experience has enabled us to provide Professional Cleaning Services for Domestic, Offices, Communal Areas cleaning, Retail Units, Commercial Occupied/Empty Properties, Holiday Homes, Shops, Leisure Facilities, Pubs and Clubs.

We can provide a wide range of Regular or Deep Cleaning Services to suit your needs.

All this effort made our company to expand beyond our initial expectations and since its inception we have had the pleasure of servicing hundreds of clients in and around The Central Coast and through to Newcastle.

Experience, quality, trust, reliability and flexibility – those are the words we know something about and have helped us to grow within this demanding industry.

Realizing many cleaning businesses are “here today, gone tomorrow,” we always look to incorporate a consistent service while building lasting relationships with our clients



Alpha K9 holds current certifications


From Residential Cleaning Services, Commercial Cleaning Services, Office Cleaning Services to Industrial Cleaning Services, we cover them all. If you have a special request please contact us for a Free Quote.


A clean and fresh office is essential to impress your clients and to maintain a good working atmosphere to all working staff. We can make sure that your office will always look its best, for this we normally customize an office cleaning program specifically designed to suit to your needs, whether you need a deep cleaning or standard cleaning service on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Standard Office cleaning includes:
Restroom cleaning and sanitizing
Cleaning reception area and foyer
Stairway and elevator cleaning
Kitchen and lounge area cleaning and sanitizing
Cleaning Desks, Offices & Work Stations

We can offer a Daily, Weekly or Fortnightly Service, End and Start of Lease and Periodic Deep Cleans.

From single Offices to Office Blocks, Medical Practices, High Street Shops or Retail Complexes we can provide a solution to suit your company needs no matter how big or how many cleaning hours you require.

We don’t tie our customers into long contracts; we believe that with our experience, flexibility, communication and high quality service we can ensure that customers want to stay with us for the long run.


Offices, Communal Areas
Retail spaces and Commercial Properties
Holiday Homes, Shops, Hotels, Leisure Facilities
Pubs, Clubs and Restaurants

Our Commercial Cleaning Service is a specialized area of our Company dedicated to providing a wide range of Cleaning Services to this Sector.

Attention to Detail

With expertise in providing cleaning services to a variety of work spaces we understand the changing functions and designs of an office for the wellbeing of employees.

While a structured scope of works will form the broad basis to the commercial cleaning service, measures for optimisation such as predictive maintenance and agile maintenance will form the new cleaning solution to suit your business purpose.

Underpinning our cleaning service will be the focus on outcomes supporting business performance, wellbeing of employees and workplace safety and health.

For Communal Areas we can provide regular cleaning services like: Dusting and polishing all common skirting boards, window frames, window sills, doors, mirrors, lift doors, door handles, changing bulbs if needed, wiping and washing the whole area, cleaning outside and the rubbish area. We know it’s essential to have clean and tidy environment, so it is a very useful service when you rent blocks of flats with a lot of tenants in it. The service can be provided on a weekly or a monthly basis. Our team will make sure that all common parts of your property are clean and fresh at all times.

We can truly offer you a One-Stop solution for your Organisation

If you are approaching the end of your Commercial Lease and want to have the Premises Deep Cleaned ready for handover the Landlord or Managing Agent then look no further. Perhaps your Organisation is moving into new Premises and is looking to undergo professional Cleaning?

We also offer a number of Specialist Cleaning Services including Window Cleaning and Post-Refurbishment cleans or after Builders cleans to a wide range of properties



Having building or renovation works carried out on the property can leave large amounts of dust, rubbish and dirt around. Usually this service consists of 2 parts.

The first part of the clean is the Deep clean, at this stage all rubbish and debris is removed. Then all floors, walls and surfaces are thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned.

The second stage is generally carried out next day. By this time any remaining dust in the air left over will have settled.

This type of service include: Removal all labels from units, windows, toilets and kitchen.

Clean all floors and windows of any paint and plaster. Clean all windows, window frames, sills.

Clean all skirting boards and wash the doors. Washing all sockets and switches. Spot clean walls and ceilings. Clean all kitchen, bedroom, living room and etc. cupboards inside and out. Clean and polish all kitchen, bedroom, living room and etc. surfaces and wooden works. Clean toilets inside and out, washing the tiles and all basins in the bathroom, Hoover and mop all floors and stairs.



Regular Cleaning
We will prepare a Domestic Cleaning service designed around your personal cleaning requirements so you can carry on your daily activities or spend deserved time with the ones you love the most and rest assured that your home will be cleaned thoroughly and professionally by one of our teams.

When you call us you’ll always be visited by one of our Business Managers who will discuss in detail your personal cleaning requirements, including any specific areas to clean and create a cleaning schedule just for you.

Regular cleaning includes:

All cleaning is conducted by our full time, trained employees

You can select any frequency from every day, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and one-offs.

Key holding, so you can get on with your life whilst we clean your house.

Our Cleaners are always introduced to you by our Business Manager and may arrive in teams of 2 or you will choose just one dedicated and regular cleaner.

Ironing can also be included in your cleaning schedule.



Having a special event or a party? Whatever the occasion is there normally will be a mess left.

We can either arrange to come out after your party has ended or to attend the next day.

Our after party cleaning service includes:

Folding and staking chairs as well as dismantling tables
Removing all decorations
Dusting all furniture
Sanitizing bathroom and toilet
Cleaning the kitchen and removing left foods
Cleaning surfaces, fronts of cupboards, work-tops and sinks
Hovering and washing of hard floors
Emptying rubbish bins
Cleaning windows, window sills, and finger prints from walls and mirrors
Industrial Cleaning
General Industrial Cleaning

Alpha K9 has several years of experience in industrial contract cleaning when listening to your particular needs on our free site survey then combining that with the years of experience gained in the sector we can then design & offer you the best solution for your business.

We are always looking for new developments and opportunities to offer a better and safer service to our customers and employees as we understand a happy employee means happy customers, a happy customer is a loyal customer and that’s what we offer all of the time.

Our Industrial Cleaning includes:
Warehouse cleaning
Retail cleaning
Spot and stain removal
Washroom cleaning
Hard floor cleaning
Deep carpet cleaning
Clean/Food area cleaning
Electrical/Mechanical cleaning



Surface Disinfection options for workplace infection management

Sanitisation vs Disinfection

Sanitisation and disinfection are essential for preventing the transmission of infectious pathogens between team members and ensuring the health and well-being of employees.

Environmental surface disinfection refers to cleaning, and then disinfecting, of noncritical surfaces using a low to intermediate level surface disinfectant.

Using a sanitiser lowers the number of germs on surfaces to levels that are considered safe by public health organisations. These products tend to be faster and safer than disinfectants, but disinfectants usually have broader spectrum, killing infectious fungi, bacteria, and viruses on hard environmental surfaces.

Our standard cleaning product range has disinfecting properties to prevent the spread of bacterial and viruses.


Disinfecting a surface will “kill” 99.9% of the microscopic organisms.

The proper use of disinfectants can help contain and prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses.

Disinfection can be attained by means of physical or chemical disinfectant.

Disinfectants kill bacteria by causing the proteins to become damaged and the outer layers of the bacteria cell to rupture.

Product for use

Chemical: Hospital grade disinfectant proven to kill a broad range of bacteria and viruses including:
Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA or Golden Staph)
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Escherichia coli (E coli)
Enterococcus faecalis (VRE)
Salmonella cholerae
Proteus vulgaris
Influenza virus
Herpes Simplex virus
Hepatitis B Group virus
Candida albicans
Klebsiella pneumoniae (CPE/CRE)

What level of disinfection is right for your organisation?

Each organisation will have their own processes in place to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. Processes, procedures and protocols should be reviewed to include effective strategies to better provide a clean, healthy environment within the organisation.

There are a number of factors to consider:

1: Are you disinfecting regularly enough?
2: What is your working environment?
3: How big is your team?
4: Are you providing your team with tools to keep the environment clean?

With outbreaks of many different kinds comes an enormous amount of infections, and disinfection becomes more critical. The Onus to provide a clean and safe environment lies with you, the employer. It protects you the business owner, your employees and those that visit your establishment.
We recommend disinfecting all ‘high-touch’ surfaces in all shared spaces such as offices, schools, retail and medical areas.


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