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At Alphak9 we love to think outside the box in addressing needs of our clients and the wider community. In 2012 we introduced our Alpha Medical Rapid Response program in response to an apparent gap in urgent medical requests. We listened to client management and resident committees and examined the patterns and context of our aged car, retirement, licensed premise and resort clients response requests.

Since beginning our Alpha Medical Rapid Response service we have played a vital role in the medical care of clients, aged care and retirement residents, licensed premises employees and patrons and vacationers to the properties we care for. We professionally liaise with and direct ambulances if one is needed and at times eliminate the need for an ambulance to be dispatched. This service saves patient’s time and money and delivers rapid life saving first aid by familiar faces.

This service functions seamlessly with our comprehensive security and patrol coverage as officers already familiar with all aspects of the property, staff and residents.

Understanding, compassion, experience and knowledge along with our 15-minute rapid response time’s means our Medical Rapid Response service is fast and results driven in providing the most efficient and timely medical care and support possible. We are on call 24hrs and all officers carry advanced first aid equipment including oxygen therapy, defibrillators and patient lift equipment.

Our Rapid Response Mobile Medical program was devised as a practical and cost effective solution to the afterhour’s health and welfare needs of the elderly in retirement villages and aged care facilities on the Central Coast. Our professional, timely and compassionate medical response service has been successfully delivering a medical response service on the Central Coast since 2012.

A security and medical response service work hand in hand with each other to achieve results.

The primary objective of Rapid Response Mobile Medical is to provide a senior security officer appropriately qualified and trained who can promptly attend the scene of an accident or medical emergency until the arrival of advanced medical care.


Another vital part of our officer’s role is to meet the ambulance and escort it to the patient to ensure no time is wasted. Our officer’s knowledge of these villages is an advantage.

How Does This Work?
The patrol officer is firstly contacted by phone. This can be from monitored agencies such as Vital Call or Medic Alert or by a member of village staff or even the patient. The operator informs the officer of address-villa number-name of patient-reason for the response. A brief medical history will be requested if relevant as an example just returned from hospital.

The officer will be informed if an ambulance has already been called.

The Officer will arrive on scene in no more than 15 MINUTES

On arrival the officer prior to entry to the villa or unit will announce themselves and produce identification. The officer will enter the property either by key, by the resident or by forcing entry as the last resort.

On entry the officer will remove patient from danger and commence first aid and assessment.

A situation report will be given by phone to the village point of contact or the monitoring service as soon as possible after the officer arrives on the scene. The officer will call for an ambulance if required and remain on scene caring for the patient until the ambulance arrives.

If the resident is transported to hospital the officer will if required inform village staff and family if requested. The officer will secure the residence before leaving the scene.

Finally an incident report will be completed and emailed to relevant parties with 1 Hr of the close of the incident.

Practical Solutions for Non Emergencies
Many of our response calls involve a fall or patient that isn’t able to get back up after a fall. Our officer will use the portable lift to assist the resident back onto their feet and back into bed. From minor cuts and sprains the officer is equipped to deal with these incidents.

Seek consent from the casualty
When offering any assistance to a casualty who is conscious, it is important to seek their permission for you to provide first aid management. If the casualty is unconscious or in a life threatening situation, you should act immediately and presume that they would prefer you to offer any assistance.

When offering first aid management for people under the age of 18, consent should also be sought from their parent or guardian, when available.

A casualty who is of sound mind and has not provided consent or has clearly stated that they want to be left alone, must have their wishes respected otherwise it could be considered assault. Even with the best of intentions, it is very important that permission is sought prior to administrating first aid. The casualty who tells the first aider that they are fine and that they do not need help had their own reasons for refusing assistance.

Responding Officer Training and Qualifications
1. Security license Class 1ABCD
2. Advanced First Aid Certificate
3. Advanced Life Support Certificate4. Advanced Resuscitation Certificate
5. Administer Oxygen Therapy Certificate
6. Use of an automated external defibrillator

On Board Equipment Response Vehicle
1. First Responder First Aid Kit
2. Heart Start Defibrillator
3. Oxy-Therapy System
4. Portable Patient Lift
5. PPE
6. Door Entry Tools

Personal Equipment Officer
1. Wearable Video Camera
2. Smart Phone For Reporting
3. Master Keys when applicable
4. Accident and Incident report forms
5. Causality Consent and Refusal Form

Response Vehicle
1. Duel Cab SUV
2. Sign Written With Light Bars and Side lights
3. Marked as Medical Response

Our officers complete the certified accredited first aid course every 3 years. All officers complete compulsory first training once a month.


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