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Dog drug detection services

Drug dogs are an effective deterrent when trained and deployed correctly.
They can be deployed overtly or discreetly depending on client requirements.



  • An effective and efficient screening and detection tool
  • A high profile, highly visible deterrent to illegal activities
  • An alternative technology which enhances existing practices and tools
  • A non-invasive and a customer service focused tool for screening for narcotics
  • The highest level of service in the private sector of drug detection
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What are the benefits of using Alphak9's detection dog service?

CARING, DISCRETE, EXPERIENCED, ACCURATE and IMMEDIATE answers and support are received.

  • Effective and efficient
  • A highly accurate tool at your fingertips that allows proper assistance, protection and treatment for loved ones if it is required.
  • A highly confidential service
  • We tailor our programs by your search needs
  • We are licensed and governed by the Security Licensing & Enforcement Directorate (SLED)
  • Dog searches provide a strong deterrent to discourage drugs
  • The most cost effective system to incorporate
  • Nothing needs to be unlocked or open to detect the presence of the substance
  • There are no installation expenses (hidden cameras, etc...)
  • A no judgment, professional third party seeking the truth needed for families.
  • There is no pre-screening, testing or interviewing of the individual involved.
  • Noninvasive, non-confrontational


Secure facilities and Drug Rehabilitation Centres

We Alpha K9 Security have direct operational experience within secure Forensic Health facilities, Drug Rehabilitation Centres and in private practice.
Our experience across a wide range of industries throughout Australia has given our handlers and k9’s the ability to regularly detect illicit substances in real time, work in varied environments and locations, search and screen people, belongings, buildings, homes and residential facilities, confined spaces and varied types of infrastructure.
Our K9 detection teams are also highly experienced at working with the utmost discretion in a non-prosecution role with private clients and firms who want to screen for illicit substances without any involvement from our teams in the process engaged after a positive indication is made. We understand that many clients and their employees, family members and/or persons in their care require a planned approach when screening and sensitivity to ensure the situation doesn’t escalate or cause any unnecessary distress.
Our focus is to work with our clients in assisting them to have a space that is free form illicit substances utilising Drug Detection K9’s, which is a proficient, efficient, and non-invasive manner to achieve the desired goal.
Our handlers understand the urgency in determining if a facility or facilities have been infiltrated with an illicit substance and work with our most experienced K9’s to thoroughly sweep inside the dwellings, staff areas, common areas as well as surrounding perimeters, dining, storage and parking areas to identify scent trails. We ensure to thoroughly assess the property to decipher where likely entry/exit points could be and make sure to exhaust all determined possibilities.
Prevention is as highly emphasised if not more so than detecting individuals with a substance and the resulting consequences. At these facility’s the duty of care for the patients as well as a strong focus of instilling and keeping a drug free individual is mentally, physically and physiologically key to the safety and progression of the individuals there. It is an environment that relies strongly on being drug free for the efficacy of the operation but also for the safety of the many persons placed there at the time, the staff, family and friends visiting and the immediate community.
Our detection k9’s senses are highly developed and can follow and indicate a scent trail quickly, without fuss and without having the physically turn out every square inch of a person’s belongings meaning a non-invasive highly effective method which in turn manages down any possible anxiety or outrage by persons being swept.
The idea and approach is to protect the patients from illicit substances so not to de-rail there rehabilitation Program and recovery journey and the eventually when they leave a facility they will be able to resist the temptation.
Our aim is to act as a HIGHY VISIBLE DETERANT supporting/enforcing the facilities Drug and Alcohol Policy.


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  • ICE
  • GBH



Drug-Sniffing Dogs Ease Parents' Minds — or Confirm Their Fears

Thousands of parents are struggling at this very moment, worried their kids are using drugs and maybe even hiding a stash in the family home… right under their noses. Monitoring Facebook accounts or searching through dresser drawers is no longer enough. Confrontations are pointless; without proof, the kids deny any wrongdoing. How far would you go to uncover the truth about your child’s drug use? Would you hire a drug-sniffing dog to track down illegal substances in the home? More and more parents are doing just that, ultimately singing the praises of a fine-tuned canine nose.


Drug-Sniffing Dogs in Private Practice

Drug abuse is rising within the community particularly among adolescents and teenagers. This is causing home lives to be turned upside down and leaving individuals with no apparent direction. For parents and loved ones at the end of their rope, hiring private businesses to bring in highly trained drug dogs is a fast and unique way to get the truth. When dogs search the home or a vehicle for illegal substances, what they find will either put the parents’ minds at ease or confirm their fears. If drugs are discovered, at least it gives persons involved an opportunity to formulate a plan and ensure their child or loved one receives proper treatment. For parents, carers or loved ones who are struggling to find answers and need confirmation if their concerns are warranted, Alphak9’s detection unit can give immediate answers and assist in providing closure and /or assistance for the next step. We have found that drug taking inevitably results in the connection between loved ones and families to be damaged or lost with the associated personality change, sneaking around, lies and deception that is involved. Identifying the issue with proof and clarity of mind is one of the goals of Alphak9 detection services in helping families to heal.


How does this Work

Before a search begins, the parent(s) must sign a contract that details the procedure, expectations, and confidentiality. The dog, its handler, and one parent will conduct the sweep from room to room. Only one parent is allowed to accompany the dog and its handler, as it minimizes distractions for everyone involved. They also suggest the suspected drug user not be present during the search, as this reduces family friction.


Once the search begins, the dog is taken from room to room. If they pick up a scent, the dog will passively alert his or her handler to the spot. The handler will then mark the spot for further testing/searching.


Trained dogs can detect the following substances:

•    Popular street drugs (Marijuana, Ecstasy, Heroin, GHB, Cocaine, Speed, MDMA, Ketamine(K)  methamphetamine (Ice, Crystal Meth)
•    Synthetic drugs (K2 or Spice)
•    Popular prescription drugs (OxyContin, Vicodin, Percocet)


What happens if Drugs are found?

If drugs are detected, the handlers will inform the accompanying parent and help them locate any illegal substances. When drugs are found, it is up to the parent to dispose of them. Handlers are not allowed to take the drugs with them under any circumstances.
Our handlers carry drug testing kits. If requested, they can test a suspected substance and help parents identify exactly what was found. They will also provide parents with contact information for local and national rehab facilities, local counselling and support services and anti-drug groups. These resources will help parents, carers or loved ones determine what to do next and how to properly help their child or loved one.

Anyone who utilises our services can rest assured that the searches, finds, and test results are held in strict confidence. Alphak9 dogs/handlers can even arrive in unmarked vehicles, which can be especially beneficial in metropolitan areas and neighbourhoods to ensure discretion for the families we visit.


Alpha K9 Security provides the services of a drug dog and handler team to conduct searches to the client’s requirements. As we are not Police Officers we have no powers to arrest or detain any person. Our search services are limited to detecting the odour of drugs in a given area as set out by the client. While a search is conducted the drug dog team will be accompanied by a representative of the client. If an odour is found the dog will indicate its location and the dog handler will then inform the representative that the drug dog has indicated the presence of a drug odour.

The action taken after that is entirely up to the client.

Drug dogs are an effective deterrent when trained and deployed correctly. They can be deployed overtly or discreetly depending on client requirements. They are never aggressive. They love the work and look for the drug odour because they want their toy reward.
A growing number of businesses and institutions who want to maintain a drug free environment are utilizing our services with regular or random inspections. This is creating and maintaining a strong psychological deterrent to those using or dealing drugs in businesses and workplaces.

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